About Us

ZIBILLY connect the gap between fashion and jewellery empowering the wearer to obtain high quality, aspiring timepieces and jewellery at affordable prices, inspiring them to express their individuality. Style is an expression of yourself, and the world should see it.  Moreover, we have always been distinguished for our unique products and good quality. We are trying to offer trending products to our customers at affordable prices. Zibilly is a young, fast-growing company based in Seattle. We began this journey in 2018 with the desire to create a new generation accessories brand that will make it fun to wear them as a fashion accessory rather than a jewelry piece. We're an international, diverse team determined to grow Zibilly into one of the leading global accessories brands.

Our Mission is to develop fully sustainable fashion brand following greater ecological integrity and social justice in the workplace.This may include: increasing the value of local production and products: prolonging the lifecycle of materials, increasing the value of timeless garments, reducing the amount of waste; and to reducing the harm to the environment created as a result of production and consumption.